What is one thing you want to happen in the new year?

I know it is kind of early to ask this question but I got thinking today. The one thing I would like to happen is I want be dating or in a loving relationship. I have not dated in 2 years. I a lesbian by the way. I want be knee deep in some (you fill in the blank) if know what I mean.

So so what you want to happen?


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  • I want to enter a relationship and lose my virginity. Being a 28 year old virgin is not something I am particularly proud of, I feel like a freak of nature.

    • Don't compare yourself to others. It is better do things in your own time. Live life at your own pace. So your not a freak. I been wanting inta ve for a long time but I just has not happen yet. I know for sure when I start dating I will not tell people I have not dated in s while. They don't need knowledge that information, and plus people judge you even when they say they will not judge you. The only way I tell if we got enter ltr and they asked.

      But I hope for both us we get what we want.

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