Guys, what makes you think ''this girl is a hoe'' on social media?

I'm creating a fake dating site profile for an experiment. I want this profile to give a vibe of 'Hey, let's have sex with no strings attached ;)'', but not so explicitly it seems fake. It's for science.


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  • Interesting experiment, well... if you are serious, the first thing that makes me determine whether or not to instantly judge her as a "hoe" are her pictures, i. e- skimpy clothes, cleavage, half cut off face just to fit in cleavage, skin tight short shorts, bitchy "I'm too good for you" looking smile. Then secondly, would be her bio, i. e- sounds like a bitch, only wants to speak to "hott" ethnic specific men, etc.

    • Thanks for your opinion. Ethnic-specific... interesting.

    • Yes, i have seen girls with bios saying how they only date white or black men, if you are Asian or mexican or philippino, then dont bother trying to talk to me. Also, i have seen girls be like "if you are ugly or fat, don't even bother trying to talk to me, bbecause I won't respond". And I'm just reading that like... "Well fuck you bitch, i am white but I wouldn't bother talking to your ass anyway". But that's just me... Most white guys would try hitting on her knowing she is only looking for one thing.

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  • Its for science... lol yeah right ; )

  • whats your aim for that?

    • I actually did this experiment a year ago and wrote an essay about it. I'm doing it again (I cr4eated the profile. 5 minutes and 76 messages)

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    • Her yerde mi Turk olur ya 😄

    • yess... I have met with Turks where I have gone.