What do white girls think typically about an indian guy?

Do you find them attractive?
or what?
please menntion


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  • I don't know many personally. The ones I do are funny, smart, respectful. Some are cute some are not my style.

    If you are talking about online, there were some that were nice. But a handful were sexually aggressive and when I declined, they either just left and tried again later through private messaging or threw a fit, calling me names, etc.

    All in all, I've had a mostly positive experience, with a fraction of negative. That's like with any one else, really.

    • Yup thats pretry good. But culture here is not that open to guys and girls being together here. Like its rarely accepted by parents and society. Since we guys find most of the foreign countries being really positive or we may say open to these matters, guys often loose hope to find someone open minded around here. And try hard to get someone from outside.. Preferably online.

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    • okz i understand... Anyways if you were find an indian guy who is really into you and being kinda nice and gentle and also respects you? would you consider him better then the white guys [i assume that guys at your place happen to be white]? here i meant attitudewise as well as lookwise?
      Would you consider being involved with or getting serious with a person?

    • I don't look at skin color, as I have dated many that are not white (but have dated some white as well). For me, I just need to get along with him, he respects and treats me right since I would show him the same care, and have similar goals in life... then yes, I would date him and if that went well, be in a long term relationship.

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  • Some of them cool, other creeps.

  • Not attracted to them, but I don't see many of them where I am from, so that might be a factor.

  • I'm not attracted to most.


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