I want to dye my hair, which color do you think would suit me the most?

from 8 months ago. It was dyed blonde without bleaching it first.. looked quite yellow the first 2-3weeks. then it toned down and looked quite nice.
I want to dye my hair, which color do you think would suit me the most?

Pink dip dye..

Taken today. Just got a haircut. Most of the brown have been washed out. the pink dye only lasted around two weeks before it was completely gone..

  • Blond
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  • copper/red
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  • dark chocolate brown
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  • other (comment down below :))
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  • Just the tips/dip dye (which color? :))
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  • I normally don't suggest blonde as my personal preferences usually drift towards more interesting colours, but the top picture that you posted shows that blonde actually really suits your face. You have nice facial features and the blonde helps accentuate them more than the darker tones do.

    If you wanted to do something more adventurous, I would suggest something on the light side, and not going darker. So something like an opal could be cool, and would give you the benefits of the blonde with the funkiness of the multicolours. Something like:


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  • You look 80% like taylor swift in pic 1 . so, dye color like pic 1


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  • Is your hair auburn? I think an almost burgundy color would look fantastic. Something like this maybe?


    • no, its just a mix between the faded brown and my own hair color.

    • Well I think a red would go great with your complexion. Either way, I'm sure it will look great

  • Copper/read would make your light eyes look piercing. However a dark chocolate brown would really compliment your skin tone.

  • My moto us screw it if i look bad
    I look bad 😂
    Dye it whatever colour you want
    I dyed my blonde ends red recently
    Because I don't know got tired of waiting for my blonde to grow out
    And I didn't know if I'd suit it
    I just went for it