Why Do Americans Speak In A Cool Way, As in Most Movies, Series?

"Hey man"ish style of speaking. They mostly speak in a cool manner. Like they r wise or fed-up-with life enough. Oh man, yeah things like that. Englishmen share the same language but they dont act in a cool manner. Sorry about broken English but I thought you have got me.


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  • I think that mostly a cultural stereotype. In general people from less sunny countries (like the UK) are more reserved than people from rather sunny countries (like Spain or large parts of the US), but the normal, average people on the street have all a certain "cool" manner of speech that you'll hear in everyday life. The American "cool" speech is just different from the English or Scottish "cool" speech. The latter ones are also not as often protrayed in movies and TV shows as the American one, especially in American movies, where they often focus on the "posh Englishman" stereotype, that many Americans are familiar with. Those "posh Englishmen" in those movies also speak in a way and dialect that is rather uncommon amongst "normal" Brits. It's just simple stereotyping.

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