Is it bad that I don't wanna see a girl who rebounded me despite feeling neutral towards her?

So one of my friends is friends with a girl who used me as a rebound 2 years ago and asked for my approval to invite her and her boyfriend, who she used me to get back at, and I said no because of that.

I mean I started seeing someone else and while I'm not jealous or angry towards the rebounder, I'd still rather not see her as I'm starting off to a clean slate and want to keep it that way with the girl I saw last week. Not to mention her boyfriend is her on and off ex that just has been going on and off over the years and seems like it'll constantly be that way. Plus I knew him from cross country and my younger brothers were in choir with him and his family.

It'd be a different story if she was dating someone else or just by herself I guess, but the fact that I know him would make it very awkward. It's just I tend to phase this out as it took me awhile to get over it, and I don't wanna ruin my current situation with any unnecessary drama or anger if possible.

I mean my friend knew her from high school and I'm not gonna yell at my friend for hanging out with her but they should hang out separately. Same reason I don't invite friends that don't like each other at the same time.

Is this chilidish or immature of me?


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  • If you like her you should go for it

    • Did you miss the part where it says she has a boyfriend, let alone the same one she used me to get back at?

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