Story Time with Anxiety - School Stress. Filler For Question Mark?

Okay so I procrastinate A LOT and today, I checked the date and my grades, immediately said "Oh shit!". I have one month to get each of my classes to 50% or I go to juvy and the most I have is in History and it's 8.8% (Although I have A's and B's)

So I did that at 8 am, my moto 360 tracks my heart rate, tells me a goal, etc and 2 hours later "You've reached your daily heart rate goal, congratulations!" I haven't left the house. I've had 3 anxiety attacks, the stress is killing me and it feels like I'm breathing through a fucking straw.

This has been me for the last ~8 hours:

I want to do the work but I'm also so easily distracted and I just can't focus like I can't even think about how this is gonna ruin my chances at getting a good job which is all I want. A family, a job, and happiness.

help me


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  • Work is easy

    • ...

      72 lectures, average 17 pages long each with an essay/quiz for each then a final exam for each course and there's ~8 courses

      that times 6. Fuck.

      "Work is easy"

      Yeah, I have a job. I work in IT. That's easy.

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