Why does my body paralysis when I sleep?

it happens a lot to me, mostly when im afraid or depressed.
but it scares me, cuz even when i wake up myself from that, and i fall asleep after 5 mins, it happenes again. and i wake up and fall asleep over and over again until the morning comes.


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  • So sleep paralysis is caused by your body being paralyzed because of sleep mechanisms, it's dangerous to be able to move in your sleep, because of dreams.
    Sometimes when people wake up, they remain in kind of a dream state, still paralyzed, but aware of their surroundings. That can result in some pretty creepy hallucinations.
    Ways to combat it may involve:
    Do you notice it happening more when you sleep in a certain position? I know a guy that can't sleep on his back ever because he always gets sleep paralysis.
    Getting into a mind state, you'll likely never get used to it, but you should be able to trainyoursel D to combat it when it happens.
    Good luck!

    • i sleep on my right side or left side it differ , and it still happenes in anyway i sleep., but hey thnxx ^_^

    • People also postulate that it is directly linked to high stress in people's lives.
      There's not much you can do I guess, but try to make sure you're in a good mindset when you sleep. At the very least, not freaking out.
      If it's REALLY bad, you may end up talking to your doctor.

    • i go through depression , im always stressed, and sad and mad. i try my best not to though, i guess if it gets worst ill go

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  • is it like real sleep paralysis? when you wake up and can't move and you feel a pressure on your chest and it feels difficult to breathe?

    • sometimes i feel something walking on me, but sometimes its just that i can't move. and i fight until i can.

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    • sisnce the English wiki doesn't say anything about this im gonna try to sum up the german wiki:

      first of all it is natural that you can't move your muscles while sleeping (REM-Phase) would be dangerous if you are with your partner and you are dreaming of a boxfight :D
      you are basically still dreaming -> your brain is kinda awake but not your muscles

      you need the state of mind: it is not dangerous (which it isn't at all) and it will end automatically shortly after you realize that you are in paralysis
      treatment (with out medicaments, which is preferred):
      -talk with someone about that what you experienced (maybe psychiatrist)
      -have a decent sleeping schedule
      -good "sleeping hygiene" whatever that means^^
      -try not to sleep on your back

    • thanks a lot , guess its normal then, and nope i never sleep on my back,. but still happens :D
      thnxx a lot

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  • I am not sure... i tend to freak out when i get nightmares!

  • What does it feel like

    • its like, ur awake, but you can't move, sometimes i feel like someone is walking on top of me, sometimes i just can't move, i hear nothing, you know the sound of nothing , but it gets loud.,

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    • well, they say its normal. but i dono, i guess its normal, cuz im still alive lol :P

    • Okie haha :)