BISEXUAL DRAMA – Should I Tell Her How I Feel?

So I'm bisexual and I've known since I was like 5 or 6; but that's not the point!

I always kept it quiet, until my friend came out to me (she's bi too) and I felt comfortable to come out to her too. I've liked her for a LONG time. The only problem is she has a girlfriend… We're all friends. And everytime I look at her girlfriend, I feel guilty for liking the girl I like. I can't stop thinking about her though, and it really, really hurts when I watch them hug, or kiss, or even give each other "the look"…

My question is: Should I Tell Her How I Feel or Keep My Mouth Shut?


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  • Nope, keep it shut. Respect their relationship. Saying that her is like driving a wedge in between them. That is a douche bag move. Don't be a girlfriend stealer!


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  • I'd wait. They may not last and then you can step in later maybe. I'm bi too! 😊