What medications are there for Schizophrenia?

I'm writing a fan fiction, in which one character is a nurse at a Mental Hospital, and the other has hallucinitory paranoia/Schizophrenia. My mother had this, so that's why I'm writing it I wanna get my experience watching her with this condition out, but I don't really know what all medicaitons there are for this.

It would be helpful if someone knows a few.


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  • I'm so sorry, about your mother


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  • I believe that they typically go with anti-psychotics. Lithium, etc.

  • If you're writing about this don't you think you should you know... research it first?

    • I did, I can't find anything that gives me a straight answer about what current medications people take for it. I'm only getting answers about what they used to take long ago for it, or the history of medications. But nothing on what people take now a days.

    • A 2 second google search was all it took for me to find a ton of examples. Most of the medications in use today are the same from back then only improved on. Don't make other's do your research for you.