Why don't girls realize, that real guys go for real down to mars girls?


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  • well my nickname is Mars soo.. umm, yeah.
    Do elaborate on what you're trying to say tho XD

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    • Maybe I'm reading into it lol but what I got from "You need a golden calculator to divide, the time it takes to look inside and realize, that real guys, go for real. down. to mars girls." is:

      It isn't that hard to realize this so don't make it so difficult (ie use of golden calculator.) Guys want a girls who's "down to 'earth'" but not just that, she's different. They don't want a girl who's wants to be just like everyone else and does all these things to impress guy, they want someone who is true to themselves and is proud of their uniqueness. Thus being down to 'Mars' instead of down to 'Earth'. They just want someone genuine who is uniquely herself. She's got to be different from the rest.

    • Then I suppose I could say I live up to my nickname XD

  • I don't understand