What's a good job for a student?

So I'm planning on either setting up a job over the winter break, or doing so afterwards.
Obviously I'm interested in getting an on-campus job, as they will work with my schedule better and may be slightly more amenable to a lack of experience, but I'd like to keep looking for options at this point.
Is there a part-time job you'd recommend a student looking into? Hopefully it will be open to a student's schedule?

I'm planning on working as a medical scribe once I turn 18, so this would be even less of a commitment than you'd expect for a part time college job.


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  • Honestly every single resteraunt job haha. Being a server is ideal as you can take home plenty of cash each shift. Depending on how nice the place is, how busy it is, and how charming you are you can make up to 200$ a shift. Bar tending is good. Easy quick money really. Coffee shops are fun and easy.

    • Yeah, food service is always an option.
      I don't believe I'd be able to bartend as I'm under 18, but I have had it recommended.

    • If you're under 18 depending on where you live getting full time work is very difficult. Pretty much food service places that will give you some hours after school are good and on the weekends.

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  • Deliver pizzas. Lots of students do it. Campuses always have pizza places nearby, and they are used to working around your schedule. For a pizza places near a campus they probably have more than half students for employees. You do need a car and license though.

    If you specifically want to work on campus, just about any campus job will do.


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  • Working on the weekends or after school ends because I don't know your timetable
    If you're in uni or college your time table should he pretty fluid
    Get a job in the mall basically
    Fast food places
    Yes may suck but you'd get paid isn't it
    Plus not sure if you'd be able to seeing as you're not 18 but maybe do small tasks for like the elderly and they can tip you
    I don't know just some ideas

  • Most places are quite flexible with student schedules. But you're talking mostly retail.


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  • I would focus on a job oriented towards your major, start building your resume early

    • I'm planning on working as a medical scribe when I turn 18, so this spring would be more about convenience and pay than building a resume.