Driving Test Tomorrow, Having Second Thoughts. Advice Would Be Appreciated?

Hi people, so here's the thing, I keep questioning my decision to take the test at this dmv thats farther away from me then this other dmv, it has a reputation of being easier to pass and has higher pass rates then the one close to my house, that one has a reputation of being pickier and the streets harder. I have however driven on those roads where as i haven't driven on the any roads anywhere near the other dmv thats suppose to be easier. So my dilemma is do i take the test at the easier dmv even though I've never driven around there before or do i take the test on roads im more famiiar with even though the test will be harder and ill be more likely to fail. I've tried to do my research but there's really not much i was able to find about either of the dmv's driving tests. Also dont know if it matters but im 24 so im kinda feeling in a rush to get my license as soon as possible.

  • Take test at unfamiliar but easier DMV
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  • Take test at closer but harder DMV
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  • The test is super easy anyway... They will tell you the turns to make anyway... When i did my test (in texas) it was litrrally, parallel park, then pull out the parking lot, drive around the block, and park at the dmv... The end... I couldnt believe it was that easy... didn't even have to get on the freeway, never even broke 30mph...

    • I know it seems easy enough but i guess I'm just worrying because it seems like there are so many ways to easily and aciddently fail instantly, even if parallel parking and the highway aren't on the test.

  • Just relax and remember as much as you can in terms of how to drive. Since you should have had practice prior to the actual DMV test, you should be fine.