How would react to a physical fight?

If it were w/ @polocrew & @consultantisback this is how it would go down.


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  • Yo, yo
    Smith comma daniel
    All the kickers in the league don't hold a candle
    Cheerleaders up on my jock and crotch, those goddamn baby cockerspaniel
    B-Y-U, Y-U-B, bad cuz the bitch wanna get with me
    Got switchers, sweets and thirtsies, rollin um 17's fit touchies
    Hittin field goals blunted,
    Been drunk when I punted
    Been like a hunded times, that I already done it,
    Ohh sh*t
    See these haters thought I was playin stayin away from my face with all the
    Bullsh*t they sayin
    Just remember who you tauntin when you tossin those gautlets
    I'm Dan Smith and the west is gettin roudy like monstas


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  • Hahaha totally. I love key and peele

  • Damn dude I am entranced by that ass #nohomo (your profile pic)

    I dunno just punch the dude out or armbar till he taps or breaks