Isn't it strange?

So there is this guy,(no, i don't like him) and he sits next to me in 7th period and in front of me in Spanish for labs. But the thing is he assumes me as a shy girl. I'm not... when I'm with my friends. We got out of school at 1pm bc of exams.

(My friend and I debated where we should go but we both didn't care where. It was Wendy's or Subway. We got to Wendy's and the line was sooo long my friend was like " lets way 6 mins and see if the line moves but it never did so crossed the street to subway the line was all the way against the door I'm thinking... "stupid freshmen , life was better without them in the way." Went back to Wendy's and waited 30mins just to order our food.)

The dude and his girlfriend comes, I see them but he saw me with my friend so he sitsat the table next to us. When I'm talking to my friend he turns around and glance at me for a moment then turns around.


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  • extremely strange.


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