How can I help myself stop feeling so depressed?

They are your friends and you have fun with them and they can be one of your favourite people. And as much as I enjoy their company, this obviously won't be the case for everyone's friends, they don't give a crap when you try and talk about serious matters. Now I know people don't always want to hear about your struggles and in a way I understand this, but sometimes you just need some love and care when going through rough patches, from those that you spend a lot of your time around.
Also It's not like they're literally saying "I don't care". But you can just tell that they're disinterested when I'm explaining my mood, how depressed I feel sometimes. Maybe it's just harder for them to understand because they're happy all the time? Is it just hard for them to relate?
I shouldn't depend on them to give a shit about me I know! But as I said, sometimes I NEED reassurance that it's all going to be okay, and that someone is there for me. That's just human nature, right? I don't have a proper mother or father to talk about these things with.
I'm not fishing for sympathy, just help me out.
I guess what I'm truly asking is, when I sometimes feel low, and I'm going through a dark patch, how can I make myself feel stronger and more courageous so I can bring my mood back up and avoid these feelings? It makes me feel hollow :( I need to try and figure out how to do it? Anyone else that has experienced these feelings that have any advice?


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  • Umm I can tell you a joke if that helps 🙂

  • Temporary cure for me is food, I don't know if you want to try it or? My friends tell me I have a fast metabolism


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  • The only temporary cure I've found so far is sleeping it off, or distracting myself with things that DEMAND my attention. Like, my job.

    Otherwise I haven't found a permanent cure yet, and even though I'm a grown ass adult, I'm kind of afraid to tell my parents I think I might be depressed so I haven't taken steps to get legitimate help yet.

    • Thanks so much for actually trying to help. I haven't been sleeping at all lately, like all-nighters happen for me most nights, and I sleep a few hours during the day. I'm going to try and start sleeping more, maybe it will clear my mind.
      I hope it gets better for you, I think if you were to tell your parents it would help you feel better in the long run, goodluck.

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