Why would he tell me I went downhill, it's so mean, then he keeps trying to talk to me when I ignore him, why?

I am 24, he is 36. We met 4 years ago, went out together a bunch... but it wasn't serious, we would drift and then talk again later on.

Anyhow we haven't seen each other in a long time.. we Face Time chatted last night. He kept asking for a peek of boobs and I said no way. I am not into that, and he isn't my boyfriend.

He said "you went downhill anyway"

WOW OUCH... honestly I gained 10 pounds but I was thin before so I am still in good shape... I am pretty, yeah I look a little older than when I was 20 but I still look good and 24 certainly is not old... I get hit on a lot...

He made me feel so bad though.. plus COME ON he is still 12 years older than me!

I told him I am going to sleep... today he kept trying to text and call me 5 times total, but I ignored.

I am pissed at his behavior. What a mean thing to say. What do you think? Why does he keep trying to contact me?


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  • Because there is no such thing as a real man, nowadays. So, find an asshole that you can put up with. Or don't. It doesn't matter either way.


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