Is this site about helping with relationship problems?

Because I noticed when I and other people ask a personal question you normally get 0 opinions...


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  • It used to be better like last summer almost every comment got like 20 opinions..
    no matter how dumb it was you could litteralyyy ask

    "0?" and get 20 opinions...

    people just got tired of the sammeeeee questions each day and usually thats what happens.. people ask the same questions

    "is my... big enough"

    "rate me"

    people just get tired of giving the same answer over and over and just dont even click on it anymore... the secret to getting more opinions is a unique title.

    if oyu have a unique title people will be like
    "i haven't seen this one before" even if its the same question but a different title i gurantee you will get more opinions.. just by making an unique title


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  • It's for anything that ignites people's opinionated side.

  • What is ur question? Perhaps I can be of service :D

    • Here's the link,

      girlsaskguys. com/relationships/q1823940-how-do-i-stop-this-from-holding-me-back

      just put https:// in front

    • and www

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