Where all my co-Naruto/Shippuden/Akkipuden fans at?

Who's your fave Naruto character/s?
Here are mine:
1) Sasuke Uchiha (of course, he's the reason I originally kept up with the show Lol)
2) Deidara (his hair and attitude just..😍)
3) Itachi Uchiha
4) Anko


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  • My favs are Neji, Hinata and finally "Killer B" cuz lets face it, "if he's in the episode" shit is probably going to hit the fan i1127.photobucket.com/.../...uke_3_by_nousefor.gif HAHA

    • Lol you're right about that. He's in the episode I'm watching now.
      This is where everyone is fighting Kabuto's Reanimation jutsu

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    • Your pic finally showed. How dare u pic the one where Sasuke fails? Grrr

    • Yes!!! the 7 tails was hella dumb with her bubbly self. She put herself at breathes length with Kakuzu + Hidan (tension in the air) while trying to befriend them. And then 1 of those 2 said something and they had a "shit is about to get real moment" and BOOM... next episode is something completely different https://youtu.be/eAdC3w0MFlg?t=807 goto the 14 min mark lol

  • 1) Itachi
    2) Sasori
    3) Kakashi
    4) Shisui
    5) Obito
    6) Ino because i love her personality
    7) Madara
    8) Zabuza
    Show has gotten dead w/all the fillers

    • Did u mean Kabuto or Zabuza? Zabuza is the demon from the Hidden Mist

    • 8 ) zabuza momochi, when you put the 8+) together you get= 8) thats probably where you went wrong in thinking i meant kabuto yakushi.

    • My bad. It was wsy late at night and my brain was exasperated

  • I was definitely big into Naruto back in the day. Even read the Mangas.


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