What do black people think about white people using the word "n*gga"?

I'm from Sweden, and I've noticed that many foreign people here get absolutely furious when swedish or just white people use the n-word, not calling black people by it or use it in a discriminating way but in a "joking" kind of way. For an example when a white tv reality starposted a photo of him and his white friend on instagram with the caption "my nigga" and people went crazy on him to the extent that he had to delete the picture and apologise.
I'm just really curious of what black people actually feel about this, because a lot of the people complaining are not even black themselves just foreign?

Personally I don't see why it's such a horrible crime if someones not using it in a discriminating way and especially when black people use the word themselves, BUT of course if people are offended by it I'll respect that, that's just why I'm asking.


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  • I don't know why anyone uses that word because just because you replace the 'er' with an 'a' doesn't automatically make the word acceptable, it is still a racial slur and I find it remarkable that certain ratchet and ghetto black people have adopted it as their own word to refer to their friends or social circle.

    I can see why black people don't like white people saying the word because of what happened with slavery but at the same time every time a black person uses that term they are effectively spitting on the memory of the black people who were oppressed and sold as slaves.

    I know they've claimed it as their word like it's some kind of badge of honor but it's not and people with a mentality like that are dicks.


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  • I don't like it, but don't like it when black people use it either.
    But it's like, would you think it's ok to say homo, fag, Jew (in derogatory way), Paki, etc... No, nobody would think these are fine, especially used so openly in public, so nigga should be no different.


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  • Oh please for the love of God don't start this up.


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  • I don't like when anyone uses it, regardless of race. But it just irks me more when white people use it because of the history behind the term. It makes me uncomfortable.

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