Too nervous to text him? advice please?

Just to put this out: we already went out once about 4 months ago. Monday he asked me if I wanted to get together again outside of work. I said sure, he told me to let him know where, and he'd be there. We both have today off, but every time I start to send a text, I back out and get all nervous. I'm way to shy. But I'm also feeling awkward because on Monday he kissed me for the first time and now I feel slightly awkward around him. Advice? :/ I hate being shy.


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  • As painful as it is to be shy, there is no gain without risk. What you have to decide is: is it worth the risk? Usually the answer is yes and generally people don't mind getting a text, unless its like 3 am. My advice is to go through it. As someone who has been shy the only way out is to put yourself out there and realize that they will like you just the same or even more for taking that risk.

    • Thanks! I'm just twice as nervous because he kissed me Monday, which was awkward enough on its own. I have a text all typed up, its just getting my finger to push send is the trouble.

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    • First encounters are always awkward. I am not the same person I was when I first met my friends and they remembered the event but didn't remember that that person was me until they re thought about it. And relationships are scary. You are handing someone your heart and asking that they be gentle. There is so much room for hurt but there is even more room for love. It comes down to if it is worth that risk and that is for you to decide. The best advice I can give you is to trust your gut to do what feels right. Even if that can be really terrifying.

    • Well, I guess my "Does he really like me" is answered. Last night he sent a message on facebook and wrote "I have something important to tell you." and then "I'm in love with you." I feel a little awkward now. XD

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