What's the laziest thing you ever done?

I wore a hat two months straight because I didn't want to wash and do my hair.


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  • I turned on the lights during the day so I wouldn't have to do it later when it got dark.


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  • Disgusting stuff.. I've done many disgusting shit for being lazy lol

    I've wore bikinis as panties because I'm too lazy to wash my panties
    I've used my bras like 3 times or more because of the same (I use them for like 2 hours tho)
    I've gone to bed without brushing my teeth
    I've wore th're same clothes because I'm lazy to wash them

    I'm one nasty bitch and I love it lol

  • I don't change into pyjamas before bed. I just fall asleep in my clothes. Half the time I'm wearing pyjamas as clothes. Sometimes I will wake up in the morning and eat something. Then, I'll go back to bed. I'm probably the laziest person I know.

  • Wore my hair up and wrapped it in a scarf cause it looked too messy and I had no time.

  • I 've ironed just the front of a top, leaving out the sleeves and back. I thought it doesn't matter about the rest , because I'd have a jacket on and people would only see the front anyway 😝😂

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