Do you ever lie when you give reviews on tripadvisor?

I went on vacation this month and I did not have a good time at all but I know that the hotel provides employment for hundreds or thousands of poor people who would otherwise starve or be homeless so I lied and I said online that the hotel was amazing. Have you ever done that? I like to support poor people's businesses.


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  • No, I wouldn't lie because liars on TripAdvisor defeat the website's whole purpose. If I'm booking a hotel, I would like other people to tell me honestly how their experience was.
    If you really think your opinion will influence the laying-off of people you're very naive. First of all, your opinion doesn't have that much weight. Secondly, lots of negative opinions do not lead to a hotel firing its employees because that would be very bad for the hotel too. Criticism is supposed to make a hotel/enterprise realize its mistakes and improve. If you never get criticized, you don't have any chance to improve.


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  • No absolutely not. The employees can always find another hotel to work at the only people that is benefiting are the managers or owners of the hotel who probably treat their employees even worse than their customers.

    Some people are lucky enough to get one vacation a year if at all. I wouldn't want to subject them to the same ill treatment only to return home more stressed than they were before they left.

    If you want to help the staff then tip them generously. I always tip housekeeping if I'm staying at a place for more than one night. Especially if the hotel offers a turndown service.