On kik, if I delete a message on s?

will the other person still recieve it? Like I turned off my wifi and enabled airplane mode, & the message is stuck on s instead of d so if I delete it will the person still see it? & what about when it says "oops, it looks like *'s phone has been off/disconnected for a while. We'll deliver your message when they connect again" if I delete that message before the person starts reusing the app again, will they see it?


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  • Yeah they will! I tried this and even if you put it on airplane mode, it will just try to send again when you talk again to the person.


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  • Yeppers. Once you reconnect to data or wifi the message should send. But I'd take a pic or something just in case because KIK

    • imma look for you on kik.

      lets be bestest friends

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    • @truthhammer Uh no threatening to find someone on a platform they haven't invited you to talk to them on is definitely harassment especially when they don't talk to you in any semblance of friendship on the site they do know you from it's even worse. That's not feminism. That's how not to harass and stalk people 101.

    • @truthhammer Dude stop being gross and weird. She's clearly uncomfortable.

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