Next time I need to fly to USA, no more US airlines for me?

I will fly a latinamerican airline to do it so. Unbelievable and unfair that now I just found out, that most of US airlines charge each passenger for each suitcase you take for each way. Latinamerican airlines do not charge anything to carry your suitcase.

US airlines are thieves!!! No wonder also why many people won't travel to the US either, not even to visit family if they have family who live in the states.


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  • If you want to fly with good airlines, go with east and south east Asian airlines. In particular, these following airlines have been repeatedly elected the world's best and most customer-friendly airlines in the world, several years in a row:
    - Singapore Airlines
    - Korean Air
    - Nippon Airways (Japan)
    - Quatar Airways
    - Thai Airways

    This five airlines are really the best of the best. Personally, I have flown with Singapore Airlines, Korean Air and Nippon Airways. They all have very, very friendly staff, absolutely great food (MUCH better than any western airline), they don't charge you extra fees, they give you lots of leg space, their entertainment system is awesome and they're just generally very cool and pleasant to fly with. They're a bit more expensive than some crappy western Airlines but for me, it's really worth it. I'd rather pay a little more and have a cool experience. IF I fly with a western airline, I usually choose Swiss (from my own country) or some Scandinavian airlines (for example FinnAir). I've stopped flying with US-American airlines and British airlines many years ago because they're absolutely terrible. Unfortunately, in America and Britain, everything is about making as much profit as possible and this mentality can be felt very strongly when flying. When you fly with a British or an American airlines, you often feel like a canned anchovy.

    • The problem is that I dont live in Europe or in Asia haha!! So I dont have much choice to fly in those airlines

    • Are there no Asian airlines where you live? I thought they operate globally. Where do you usually fly? Only to the US?
      At any rate, I'm sure South and central American airlines are still better than US-American ones...

    • No ther is no Asian airlines where I live, not even European ones.

  • Agreed. I don't like them either


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