What would you do if you found this out?

You go to school with this girl and you found out she has been struggling with depression for two years and she just now told her parents and they still ignored her, she has not friend, she never eats lunch, and you see selfharm marks on her arm and she not trying to get attention she doesn't want it. what would you do?


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  • I would try to become a friend and talk with her to see what is wrong sometimes a friendly voice is all that is needed. it sounds like you truly care and want to help dont just go straight for the point kinda ease into a friendship and see if you can get her to open up.
    if not an option

    you can also contact guidance counselor might end up in her shutting down though.
    Child abuse hot lines you can call anonymously and report the behavior if parents have knock at door saying people has seen her marks than they may take more seriously if child protective service gets involved.

    • I'm the girl who I dealing with this

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    • I already know I've known from the be beginning

    • OK that's good that you know what is wrong. Is there anyone one else you would feel comfortable with discussing this issue besides your sister/parents. obviously I'm guessing you have tried to work things out for yourself. Ever thought about calling an anonymous hot line?

  • I'd try and help her out. I am a nurse and I tend to try and help out people I can if I see them suffering or something...

  • I wouldn't get involved with someone like that honestly.


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