Is it okay for a stranger to ask how much?

Something cost like your hair or clothes. I think that is very noisy. I really don't like to talk to strangers about what I pay for things but sometimes the question of how much it cost can catch me off guard. Am I wrong?


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  • I don't think they're trying to judge you they're just wondering if they could possibly have the money to spare to get something similar to what you have


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yea I never ask a stranger about an items cost. Way too personal and comes across a nosey, pushy and in a weird threatening to me type way.

    • I agree a stranger... they should google like I did... Google doesn't lie... lol

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  • I think you mean *nosey*.

    Some people don't mind especially if they got a great deal. I usually ask if they mind first before I ask, but I don't think I'd ask how much someone's wig or weave costs. lol


What Girls Said 1

  • I mean I don't necessarily like it, but if they genuinely want to know so they can see if it matches with their price point then I would gladly tell them.

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