Why do I have so much self hatred?



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  • It's called toxic shame. Google articles on it. Basically you grew up in an environment where as a baby you didn't get your needs met and internalised a sense of "unworthiness". This becomes your unconscious that doesn't go away easily and usually puts you on a back foot while growing up. basically you have a negative projection of yourself due to a toxic inner child. Very difficult to get rid of. But can be done.

    • What type of needs were not met?

      Do you think Mike Tyson had similar issues?

    • Well, all types of needs that a baby should get. Its a whole bunch of shit. Basically if your parents were abusive, over protective or religious, this shit happens. Mike Tyson? Have no clue. But ppls reaction to similar events can vary.

    • Yea my parents were terrible...

      My dad's okay now...

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  • What do you hate about yourself?

    • That I'm weak, that I'm a psycho, that I can't dance, that I call my mom a whore, that I have no common sense, that I messed things up with that rich girl, that I don't know how to fight... Everything... That I'm alive, that I'm going to die...

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    • There's no such thing as self hatred medication...

    • lol no kidding... I'm talking about anti-depressants, etc..

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