Why would a guy not really get back to you?

I was apologizing to this guy for being rude. He asked how I was, I replied saying I was updating my reading list, then he was like nice, anything in particular, and I told him.

No reply.

A few days later I asked if he kew the author; no reply.

Made me wonder if he was trying to send me a message to stop the conversation whcih is weird because he's the one who asked. I don't think he knew the author or the book, but he's a really fast learner and can hold up a conversation about these things


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  • It was just small talk

    • Why? People confuse me. If he didn't intend to talk, then why not just end it at something like, 'well it was nice reconnecting with you,' and move on.

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    • I'm pretty sure he knows. If not that I still somewhat like him, definitely knows I did in the past

    • What matters most is he isn't into you. Lick your wounds and move on. Can't win em all

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