How can I go about doing this on windows 10 ?

I've been trying to get a few games to work on my windows 10 laptop and yet it's givving me issues, it has all the files and installs but doesn't want to work, please help cause i've tried compatibility mode and aside from splitting or partitioning my hard drive i have tried everything i can


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  • Have any error messages popped up in particular?

    Have you checked and see if there are any fixes or update patches for the games you are currently trying to load?

    Check the official support forum of the games maybe they might be able to help you figure it out and provide more things for you to try..

    What about Uninstalling and then Reinstalling the games? Have you already tried that yet?


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  • What kind of issues are you facing? Were the same games working fine in the previous version?

    • The game isn't running at all, the games work on windows vista and windows 7 also windows 8 and 8.1 so i'm so confused, lol

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    • Nope, they are all original

    • Can you name few of the games? Also, are other apps working fine?

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