What does Turkish sound like to non-Turks? How does Turkish sound to foreigners?

Turkish song

Sound of Turkic Languages

  • Other Altaic (Uzbek, Kazakh, Uyghur, Korean, Japanese, Mongolian etc.)
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  • Uralic (Hungarian, Finnish, Estonian)
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  • Slavic (Russian, Serbian, Polski, Ukrainian etc.)
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  • Germanic
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  • Semitic (Arabic)
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  • Indo-Aryanic (Indian, Persian etc.)
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  • Turkish language is obviously Altaic. Note that Japanese and Korean are not quite Altaic, it's very debatable, those east Asian languages are significantly different.

    • Yes. Im studying to Altaistic at university. According to the new article Korean was accepted. The Japanese generally included at the position. Ainu language sometimes included.
      I think Turkish sounds like mix of Japanese+Swedish+Hungarian.

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    • I think Turkish doesn't sound like guttural.

    • Well, not as much as Arabic, but maybe a little bit, just some dialects, with strange accents... in several Turkish tv shows, mostly spoken by people from rural regions.

  • Uzbek, Kazakh.

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