Noisy neighbor how to deal with him?

He wake up early like 4 am then he open he's door and keep the tv on at very high volume I woke up many times bc of this shit and have told him to stop this he kept it at low volume but it's still come to my room bc he open he's door but if he closed it there's no voice so today it's the 6th time I told him for the God sake stop this noise or at least close your door and listen at high volume he got upset and bla bla I think he would do it again I don't know how to deal with him. What would you do in this situation?


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  • Be noisier.

    No, but seriously don't do that. The best way to deal with a noisy neighbour is to complain to them. If he rents, then go to his landlord. If you rent, go to your landlord. If you own the home, then talk to some of your other neighbours. Maybe if enough of them complain, then he will get the message. Good luck!!


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  • I would check with the cops when the hours of disturbing the peace wil apply... If they can't help, i would ask one last time, completly calm, and with a lot of logic... if that dont work, i would jam death metal at full volume! And if he liked that type of music, i would jam backstreet boys and britanny spears, or justin beiber (hes annoying anyway)

    • Metal will solve it he's kinda of old and like classic music

    • Ooo... lol.. Mayb he needs a hearing aid then... I think it would be a great Christmas present!!

  • play justin bieber really loud

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