True love♥romantic adventures♥. happily ever after♥?

I know a lot of girls dream of finding an amazing dashing guy who thinks she's beautiful and special and they love each other until the end...
at least that's what they feed us in movies and romance novels...
but lately i wonder if this is even a real thing,,,
do guys actually want romance and true love too?
im asking because i know i can be really naive and silly... i dont have much real life evidence that true love is even a thing... and if guys are mostly only looking for sex and fun and superficial meaningless stuff... then there's no point in us girls dreaming of more... because its not even real... i dont want to be pessimistic and become bitter about it all... but i dont want to be too starry eyed and just get crushed over and over again...
does anyone get what I mean?
what are your opinions?


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  • After watching Outlander, I realized I kind of am attracted to a Jaime (main male lead) type of guy. He is romantic, chivalrous, and brave with a good sense of humor. He has his shortcomings (like stubborn) but I was surprised at how much I liked his romantic side. It'd be nice if guys like a fraction of that as well.

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