Guys, do you feel a girls moustache hair when kissing?

I'm thinking about waxing mine but I always feel like doing that leaves it coarse and prickly. It also makes my upper lip look darker. My question is, when your eyes are closed, do you feel the rough upper lip hair? Would you rather I shave it off or would you notice if I keep it?


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  • I have certainly noticed/felt it in the past.
    I wasn't too bothered but I'm not sure about other guys.

    • Was it prickly shaven? Do you prefer it without hair?

    • I'm not 100% on the method of hair removal.
      I don't like it if its prickly. Yes I prefer without hair.

  • Not gonna lie it's bothered me in the past the times I've encountered it. Maybe laser hair removal, it seems to be the preferred method these days

    • My dilema is though, what feels worse: long moustache hair, or prickly shaven upper lip?

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    • Thanks !

    • No problem hun good luck 🍀

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