What country has been your favourite to visit?

Out of all the countries you have visited which one has been your favourite and least favourite?

And which ones have you been to?


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  • Mexico... Yup


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  • I am from Switzerland. I have been to:
    Liechtenstein, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, England, Scotland, Finland, the Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Egypt, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea (I've actually lived there for a while), Japan, Indonesia (Bali), the United States (also lived there for a while) and Costa Rica.
    I would say my favorite country so far was Japan, closely followed by the US and Bali. There's just so much to love about Japan, especially if you're open-minded and a little adventurous and willing to go off the beaten tracks (also visit other cities than just Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo). In the US I just really love the lifestyle. There are certain things I will always find very stupid such as this intense fetish for guns but generally speaking, I really like Americans. I like how kind and relaxed they are and how easily to talk to, especially when I compare them to my super reserved, extra distant fellow countrymen. In Bali, I just really loved the nature (this is also very true for the US) and people were incredibly kind. Also, both in Japan and Bali, girls are suuuuper pretty and hot :-).
    The country I enjoyed the least so far was Egypt. There were certain things I liked (for example I learned how to windsurf in Egypt) but unfortunately, there were also some things I really didn't like. One of the things I really hated was this extremely annoying n-your-face type of mentality of many Egyptian men. For example when you're at the airport, there are at least 10 guys encircling you and everyone wants to carry your suitcase (and get a hefty tip for it afterwards). If you tell them that you'd rather carry it yourself, they get all pissed and start yelling at you. Also, one time when I went shopping with my mom and my sister, we walked out of a store without buying something (we were just window-shopping basically). The second we walked out, the owner of the store came after us, trying to get us back in the store. After walking next to us for about 100 ft. and pulling my mom by the arm, she got pissed and told him in a very strong voice to leave us alone. Then the guy started yelling at us and calling my mom a whore etc.. It was very, very unpleasant. I get that these people are poor and I do feel bad for them but I also met some very poor people in Bali (and in Costa Rica) and they were all incredibly nice to me. There was a waitress in a hotel in Bali that I gave 15 bucks as tip (about a weekly salary for her) and she actually refused to accept it.

    • Thanks for the your reply, that's bad to hear that stuff about Egypt , even if people are poor they would be more worse off with no tourists, pretty ungrateful by the sounds of it.

  • Greece is amazing

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