Honestly what's wrong with meee?

So I'm 17 and I'm going to college right now and I have a job and I have a good idea about what I want to do with my life overall. I want to get a ba in computer engineering and go into cyber security or software programming. Anyways I've been told very blatantly by several people that I'm very good looking (not that I really care but yeah). Anyways I'm just sitting here looking at most people's instagrams/fb and its like everyone has a boyfriend and such an awesome life and like for the most part I've just worked/studied the whole time. I went through this thing when I was 15 and I had to go to an eating disorder hospital because of my eating disorder and how school was too stressful so I literally missed out on a bunch of my piers life and when I came back I was 16 and I just got my GED and got a job. Than I moved states and yeah I have no fucking friends. I have my family sure and theirs a bunch of awesome people in my family but it's like I wish I could have a boyfriend and travel and a real social life versus my real life which is just like a whole bunch of studying and working. I'm not even socially retarded either for the most part I'm pretty talkative like what gives?


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  • What's wrong with you? Nothing, you're just doing what you gotta do, prepare yourself for the future and your real life.
    You're going to college soon, that changes everything. New place, new people, new experiences.
    Get some new friends, it's easy cause everyone there is looking for new friends cause they're new too. Once you have them don't forget about college though, don't try to hang around just with friends to make up for the time missed, balance social life with studies.
    If you don't get a boyfriend, who cares, it's not like you're 50 and won't ever get one, you have plenty of time left. If you do get a boyfriend, then awesome.

    Just remember to focus on school, the better you are as a whole, the better your future boyfriend will be.


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