Does any other man feel the same way as me?

I'm the odd out in my friendship circle because all of friends seem to do everything they can to make themselves attractive to women! They go to the gym to get a desirable bodies to impress women, they go for promotions to get more money to attract more women, they'll go on holiday just to party and hook up with women and they'll always try and pull women when we go on a night out.

I'm the polar opposite to them. I go to the gym for me, I earn money for my benefit, I have no interest in attracting women and when I go on holiday I prefer to chill, learn about new cultures, see the tourist attractions and eat new food rather than spend my entire time in a resort trying to pull women.

I attract women but I am usually oblivious to them because I am not focused on them, I am far too busy trying to live the best possible life for me and nobody else, I don't even have an opinion on marriage and children, those things don't interest me, I'm quite happy being a single person, an independent spirit.


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  • You can still care about yourself and be focused on yourself as a person firstly while still wanting to have a companion. It doesn't have to be one extreme or the other.

    • I'm fiercely independent, so I have never felt like I need a woman. Men who have opened up to me in the past about themselves have always painted a picture of wanting and needing a companion, but I have never felt this way. I'm not opposed to the idea of being with a woman in a relationship but my attitude is, I don't care if it happens or doesn't happen, I have more pressing issues to contend with.

  • Your perspective is a healthy one. I'm not sure why so many guys only try to improve themselves for women. If women didn't exist, would men just be couch potatoes?

    • Probably haha! Is this a problem for women as well, do a lot of women spend their time trying to be more attractive to men?

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