Beautiful people.. what's it like?

What is life like. Life on easy mode?


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  • I have been called beautiful but I always try to be humble about it. It isn't as easy as people may think. I have gone through a lot of bias in life. Most men aren't interested to get into a relationship with me and the reason is they afraid I might cheat or have the princess attitude. I also don't have many girl friends. I have a few who are also facing the same problem as me. So we flock together not because we feel entitle or anything, but not many girls want to make friends with us.


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  • It's not "easy". It may be easier to get girls, but that's it. The problem with that is that you don't know why the girl is with you. Is she with you to show you around? Just for sex? Or is she genuinely interested in your personality.
    Many times you're treated as a jerk because of the assumption that attractive guys are jerks.
    So we also have our problems.

    • Yeah, naughty girls just want to fuck you and dump you, LoL, they are so shallow :P

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  • most times yes. I get a lot of free stuff

  • I'm not good looking, but several of my friends are.

    Honestly, having a decent childhood and good physical/mental health seems to make more of a difference than looks in how life will be.

    Some of the good looking people I know are absolutely miserable. Look at how so many celebs her drug addictions or commit suicide. Looks can't cure mental illness or make up for terrible life experiences.


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