Has anything/anyone ever saved your life before?

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  • I have had my life saved and been the savior. Even discounting the military, my dad pulled me out of a river that surly would have killed me when I was like 6 or 7.


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  • I don't think anyone has ever saved my life. I did keep my grandma from picking up a poisonous snake once though. She thought it was a shoelace and I almost stepped on it so I did a ninja roll and yelled really loud to keep her from touching it lol.


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  • Hmm..

    Once I was mucking around with my mate by pretending to throw things off each other. He picked up a hammer. He must of flicked the hammer too hard because the head of the hammer slipped off and missed my head by about 2-3 inches, I think, and left a dent in the wall behind me.

    I suppose the exact acceleration and trajectory of the throw saved my life.

  • Yes multiple times. I've been the savior a few times too


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