Is progressive thinking becoming a nice word for social brainwashing?

I just notice most people that label themselves as such hardly ever come up with any great and original ideas , they just keep repeating the same tired feel-good mantras over and over again.

They just seem to take whatever stance is most popular in the ultra liberal agenda, without really weighing all the issues and opinions and coming to their own conclusions.
Hard to believe these people are great thinkers, or even really progressive lol
Nothing wrong with being either, but there is something very wrong and dangerous in not really thinking for yourself or doing your own independant research!


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  • The same could be said for conservatives too tho

  • What is progressive then? Staying at one ideology from 1950's?

    • Bringing up the fifties is another very overused deflective tactic lol.

    • Same as conservatives sticking to their 50's beliefs. Overused tactics and tends to defensive about how great it WAS.. When it wasn't.

    • I'm not a conservative or alive in the 50s, so its irrelevant to me. rather people live in the now though.

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