I went to the chicken shack today and this is what happened while I was there. So what do you think?

OK so I went to the chicken shack this afternoon. Across from the counter where I stood to buy chicken is a drive through that's clearly visible from both directions inside and out. So while I'm there making my order there's a Chevy Tahou sitting in line with a girl at the wheel looking all good and her little girl I'm sure on the passenger side. The girl or mom she looked around I would say probably maybe 28 looking awesome is all I can tell you. As I stood there waiting on my order I'm trying not to make it obvious and get busted checking her out but her little girl kept looking at me laughing too talking to her mom which I'm sure she must have been nailing me mac-ing on her mom and her mom kept turning around busting me and I would just look away like I was gazing at a wall in that direction. And ever time just when I though it was clear again to check her out she would turn around and nail me looking at her again. I'm not sure of it but I think her little girl was probably snitching me out, her mom had her hair in a knot behind her head OK right, then she turns around again her mom and caught me looking staring right at her which had already happened a few times before that already. And then at that moment her mom takes down her hair form the knot she had it in with this long freaking gorgeous brownish blondish hair falling all over the place pushing it over her head and her face whipping it all around and then puts in back in a knot behind her head. They started laughing again and eventually she drove off and I've had this on my mind since luch and I'm still wondering taking everything into consideration her looking and the hair thing, did she do that on purpose? What do you think? Was she checking her out too?

  • She was eyeballing you back
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  • Wishful thinking dude.
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  • Wishful thinking๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • But chicks know guys like that hair, and all places to take her hair down why would she do in a drive through of all places? That seems like a lot of work to me.

    • Yeah she was probably just messing with you... we tend to do shit like that

    • But I'm pretty sure that is the definition of a player right? Thanks for my next question!

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