If you could time travel to watch any event in history, what would it be?

What event would you want to witness in history if you could time travel and see anything happen without danger or anyone knowing you were there?

Bonus Question: If you had to participate in the event and could be harmed, rather than just watch, what would it be?


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  • Does it have to be something that has already occurred or something we don't know if or will occur yet?

    What about going to a far distant future, such as maybe a few centuries or possibly even millenniums after the present?

    For most part I rather be a neutral observer and not really give a shit unless I think or know I'm actually obligated to.

    • Well, now I'm curious... So I say yes, you can travel to the future.

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    • Or did we did ultimately become nothing more but ancient history and artifacts waiting for some other intelligent life or beings to discover and analyze?

      If so, I rather there still be somethings left about us and our world such as electronic records and data rather than absolutely nothing left.

    • I used to have a really funny book with that sort of scenario, but in a comic way:


  • Invention of the bro book


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  • Hmm The crowning of a queen!

    • Is there one you find especially interesting?

    • No I don't know any specif queen! I never done my research! But I would like to see a queen who is independent, strong, solider and beautiful! Like some sort of HERO! Some sort of lengend she left behind of caring for the people and defending her country but really caring! Maybe like queen elizabeth!

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