I like this girl and we look a lot at eachother and smile?

I've been reading up about smiles and I think I can distinguish between a "social" smile and "genuine" smile.

This girl I like and I always look/stare at each other and we always give "genuine" smiles...

She giggles a lot when we speak and some times we look at eachother without speaking.

I really like her. I think she's incredibly bright and cute.

Does a girl necessarily touch you a lot if she likes you?


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  • They won't always touch you first... But i would bet money she is interseted

    • If she touches me?

      So you think she doesn't? I mean I've touched her a few times and she doesn't move... we've teased eachother too and it really does feel like there's chemsitry.

    • Her not touching is not always a bad sign.. It could mean she's really shy or nervous... Teasing is a good sign too... And so is the giggling... You should ask her out.. You are pretty much at that point anyway

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