How do I get the balls to approach girls at bars?

It's ridiculous... I've been to prison, to hospitals, lived homeless... and I am still scared to approach a girl at a bar...

I don't know what to say... it's ridiculous...


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  • - Practise or read up on articles on what you might say to a woman after approaching her
    - Consider the worst case scenario. Could you deal with that, is it really the end of the world?


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  • Let them approach you

    • It doesn't really work that way...

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    • okay sure.

    • And where is it?

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  • ask her which team she's rooting for in the game.

    • That might work for a second or two... but it's not really to the point... and it might be a little dishonest because I really don't care about the "game,"... I don't even know who is playing...

    • how? everyone can bond through sports. that's how i've literally made half my friends and some of my best friends and hit on most girls. also, i've had conversations with total strangers for hours over random stuff like that. you just comment on something and see where it goes. better than going up to her and saying, "you're really pretty, can i fuck you?" :D

    • also, bartenders are your friends. i don't go to bars often (if ever), but i've gotten bartenders to wingman me.

  • I've learned that even when I'm hammered I still don't have the courage to approach a girl. If I can't even do it drunk I'll never find a way to do it sober...

    • I think that relying on alcohol is cheating... I don't like it... I don't drink for health reasons... and I think that some girls notice a guy who doesn't drink and likes that... in any event... I'm not going to give myself liver cancer just to impress some girls with some drunk rambling...

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    • yes, they do... and a lot of bartenders don't drink at all... I have never met a girl who prefers a drunk slob...

    • There's a difference between someone that has a few drinks and a drunk slob it's called moderation.