So what did you think of the new Star Wars movie?

Just like the title says what did you think of the new Star Wars movie, did you like it, the ending and what do you think the sequal (s) will be like?

Personally I did enjoy the movie, I was surprised though that the senate and the republic wasn't based on the core world of Coruscant for those that havn't seen it yet though I won't say any spoilers. I view this movie as more of laying the groundwork for the next movie.


P. S who thinks that Snook is actually Darth Plaguis? Palpatines former master?


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  • I enjoyed it. I get what some people are saying about it, but I'm just enjoying the ride. I didn't realize how much I'd like BB-8 haha. I like Finn as well. I agree, I think it's like laying the groundwork for the next ones.

    • Yeah me to, lol yeah he's no R2-D2 but he's hard to hate, I liked fin a bit more then I thought I would it was interesting seeing him wield a saber even though he's not force sensitive. And then you see Rey use it so you can defiantly see the difference potential wise since you need the force to truly be able to use it.

      Yeah seems to be the case kylo is kind of transitioning like anakin did I to vader, the Rey finds luke etc, I think we'll see a more in depth story in the next one or couple ones.

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    • Gotta hang in there! :P

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  • It was great.
    Might have been a bit too New Hope-ish for some people, but I actually appreciated that.
    Maybe a few pacing issues, we didn't really build up a great emotional connection to what was happening, I really only had connections to Han and Chewie. The big thing everyone's spoiling on Facebook that happens at the end seemed a little forced.
    But overall, they've set great groundwork for the next movies, left plenty to be explained by other movies, and reinvigorated the Star Wars universe.
    I am content.
    I'm also not ashamed to say that I actually shed a tear when the opening crawl came up.

    • I'd have to say I pretty much agree with everything you said. At least with the next movie we'll have a greater connection with Luke.

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    • He got slashed on the shoulder as well.
      Maybe I'm just tainted by all the books talking about how lightsabers require a ton of training and force power, obviously the movies allow them to be more analogous to actual swords.
      Ren's strong, broadsword attacks are perhaps more likely to be hindered by his injuries than a style with more options or finesse. A style built on strength obviously requires strength.
      There were also implications that Ren's training is incomplete so he may not be undeniably powerful, but that begs the question, how did he manage to wipe out the Jedi then?

    • Well his training is incomplete and the books are right they do require both the force and training. As I said though it looks like Rey either self trained herself with her staff or learned how to fight in order to survive on jakku.

      And ren didn't destroy the padawans alone you could see in the movies that he was surrounded by the knights of ren. It was never stated that ren himself was really all tat powerful, force wise he is skilled but that's about it. Just about any other Jedi clone wars era or before could probably kill him.

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  • I was surprised at the new worlds presented as well. I was like Jakku, wth is that? I thought it was Tatooine at first, but then they only showed 1 sun I was like wait Tatooine has twin suns..
    I'll have to familiarize myself with Darth Plaguis.

    • Yeah they had quite a few similarities to a New Hope I think they did that on purpose though, as for Darth Plaguis is/was Palpatines master, if you type his name in and go to the Star Wars wiki, go to the legends section of his bio you'll see he looks almost exactly like Snook, Plaguis was also reported to be large, tall and pale, and it looks like Snook is quite old and scarred which would make sense because Plaguis was attacked many times in his life time and survived many assassination attempts.

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    • Ya I'm super curious what Snook meant " time to complete his training"

    • Yeah me to, quite interesting especially with all the mystery surrounding him and I wonder if he is actually that big or if the hologram just makes him look large.

  • It was good but I didn't like the story as much, also Kylo Ren took his mask of which I didn't expect. It made him... less scary to me.