I get disoriented when I smoke weed?

I've always had this reaction to weed. At first it only happened every once in a while. I would get dioriented and I forget what time of day it is, I forget what I was talking about, I forget where I am for a quick second.
I dont know if this is a normal reaction to it though, I've never heard of this happening to anyone else.
Now im starting to get worried, because its happening more often. Even when the high is over.
Is this a normal reaction?


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  • When you first start smoking weed, you'll forget EVERYTHING. You'll smoke, have a good time and not remember a single minute of the previous night. It's 100% normal. As long as you're under the influence of weed, your short-term memory will take a hit. It's not until you become a hardcore smoker will it stop having such a drastic effect on your memory. It happens to all smokers.

  • It's fairly common. Most of the people I knew who smoked quit doing it. That was one of the main reasons. Cut back or quit altogether. If you continue, monitor yourself closely. It's easy for weed to mask the affect it has on you, so watch closely. If you are unsure, stop completely for a few weeks and see if anything changes. If you are a heavy smoker it can take a very long time to completely recover from it, but you should see some changes almost right away, like within days or a few weeks.