How come people aren't helpful here with social advice questions anymore?

As a person with learning disabilities, social anxiety, and no social life this year due to bad life circumstances to meet any people, I really depended on this site for help. Yet, it seems no one likes helping people like me anymore. Users here would rather just talk about sex 24/7 or help others with their sex problems. Why would someone with a sex life need help? They have a much more normal life than others who actually need help. In sense, those people are privilege. It's frustrating... >_<


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  • I initially joined this site to ask a geneine question. I needed serious advice to and issue I had. The only people who responded was trolls and haters. Now I never ask a serious question. I only stay on GaG because I genuinely like helping people. I'm compassionate and caring so I try to help people the best I can.

    There's some nice people who do give great advice and are willing to help people. So take note of who they are so when you ask a question you can @mention them to bring attention to your question. That way you'll get good legit answers from some people. Even if you are in anon usually people will @mention the person for you when they see it can't bring them to the question due to being in anon. Or you could message them and ask their advice

    • I can empathize with your experience. :(
      Okay. You're right. :)
      Thanks! This is really great advice! :D

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    • Genuine*

    • You're very welcome as well. :)

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  • The truth is that most people can't help you because they're unqualified, they don't want to and, quite frankly, most of them don't have their shit together as it is. You ever hear of "The blind leading the blind"? That's 90% of the users on here.


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  • i go on this site to dick around, not play armchair therapist. and frankly, none of us are qualified to be relied upon for advice. and even the ones who do try to answer, most of them just suck up to the op to get brownie points. it doesn't help that 85% of the time, the op doesn't actually want advice, they just want people to sympathize and people to say what they want to hear. if you want real advice, go to a therapist.

  • Because most people joined this site to have fun and kill time not to be someone's therapist

    • Some say their here to help others. Though I get your point.

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