Why do Asians seem to be more comfortable around me and my really light blue eyes?

I have naturally really light blue eyes. For some odd reason, living in Asia where 90% or more have dark eyes, I never get shocked second looks. People seem to be more comfortable maintaing eye contact. Occasionally there will be a few that will stare or seem uncomfortable.

However back home (in the West) where obviously having "light" eyes is common but back home, I get more looks. Numerous times of people interrupting our conversations and saying that my eyes are making them not able to concentrate, compliment them etc.


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  • if its comfortable let it be.. what issue in this


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  • It isn't really odd, and that's not really how it works.

    It might be rare for them to have light colored eyes, but they know that it isn't for your race. So while they might find it intriguing or beautiful for an Asian person to have the same color eyes as you do since that would be truly unique, to them you'd just be another foreign girl with blue eyes, if they even notice or remember what your eye color is exactly - which leads me to my second point.

    They have different beauty standards based on their own race. And since most of them have dark eyes as you said, they've learned to focus on the eye shape instead, so much so that they usually tend to overlook what color they are. So eye color, along with hair color, never really became a determining factor in what they consider to be attractive. And since they don't usually see light colored eyes where they are, they don't appreciate them as much as Westerners who are far more exposed to them have learned to. So it doesn't really matter how light your eyes are. It's like having an inexperienced drinker unknowingly drink the world's finest wine for the very first time and asking them to compare it with some cheap wine you just bought from the supermarket. Most wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two, and if they could, they wouldn't appreciate it as much as a wine enthusiast would.

    • Coloured contacts are everywhere here and majority of women wear them. But yes I agree about the shape, having plastic surgery to open the eyes etc. Thanks!

    • That's merely for fun/novelty. You're welcome.