Why do "some" men do this?

Even those I am not well acquainted with tend to do this.
They always greet or small talk with me when I am alone.
But if they see me with another guy , they will not say "Hello". They will clearly notice me but act as if they do not see me.

Another scenario is,
Those who are clear that this other guy is my boyfriend (people that are my neighbors in this case),
Will make every effort to make eye contact with my guy when they say "hello". They don't acknowledge me much unless I am by myself.

To be clear -the neighbors are men.

They smile and greet me when I am alone.
But make eye contact with my guy to say "hello" when we are together , but do not say anything to me.


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  • Men are threats to other men, physically, and men tend to be more unpredictable concerning anger and jealousy. Therefore, a man won't risk a potential conflict with another man by greeting his woman right in front of him without acknowledging the man first. It has nothing to do with the lady; we're assessing whether the guy with you is a threat to us. Most of the time, we'd rather not deal with any of that, so we prefer to talk to you when you're alone instead.

    • what he said. I have noticed guys do this to me as well. They would not outright ignore me, but they would definitely acknowledge the guy I am with first before they even properly tell me hello. It is a respect thing to the other guy to acknowledge that yes I know she is taken and taken by you and i mean no disrespect to you as a man when i speak to her. at least that what i think it is

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    • Thanks for the MHO!

    • No problem :)

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  • Okay so its true that not all men are dogs, but we have some "things" that makes us like dogs, when you see a dog that likes something they pee on it and mark it so other dogs don't get close to it, in the case of us humans we are our own pee, if i want to talk to you for what ever reason if is because i like you, love you, or just want to say "hello" i will IF you are alone or with other girls, however if you have a guy with you i will think it 2 or 3 times (and this is why)
    1. i don't know if that is your boyfriend or brother or something i just don't know
    2. if he is your boyfriend and he is the jealous type he would want to start something
    3. he maybe be your brother and just wants to protect his little sister from "assholes" like me and start something
    actually i could go on and on with all kinds of reasons but must of them end with a fight or me getting humiliated

    Just think of a guy, any guy from your brother to boyfriend to dad as a guard protecting you because that is how we see eachother

  • Well may be you come off a very weird type of woman to them or they don't find you that attractive.

    • Weird? Never lol

    • And I am attractive so I definitely can't agree with this

    • No, you misunderstood me, I am not saying you are not attractive, I said may be they don't find you attractive, if you read my sentences you'll see the difference. You know attractiveness/beauty is a subjective thing, to one guy you may come off as attractive say 8 out of 10, but to some other guy you may come off as only above average say 6/10, so what I am saying is attractiveness and appeal is something that's in the eyes of the beholder. I am not saying you are not attractive or something, it's good to know that you are confident about yourself, it's good to know that you have understood yourself and yes I also know I am attractive, so it's good to see your confidence lady!!.

      My point to those guys either you may not be so attractive to them or they find you weird, yes "THEY" is the keyword which is subjective in nature, I am not trying to say that you are weird, please don't misunderstand me.

      Hope you understood.

  • They don't want the guy to think or know they are hitting on you. Even if they're not. It's just better safe than sorry. Unless your all friends it can feel awkward to approach a woman you don't know very well when they are around another guy.

  • Well.. The random guy approaching you, find you attractive... And im not sure about the neighbors...

    • Well in general I am attractive. But I don't get why they do this , I find it rude

    • What? The random guys? They dont know your dating and trying to see if you are their type before they ask you out.. Mayb CASUALLY bring up the fact that u have a boyfriend early in the conversation

    • Well, I never hide the fact that I have a boyfriend If someone is well acquainted with me
      But I'm noticing neighbors do this as well
      I'm noticing men in general from where I live , do this altogether (in my case).
      I find it rude and want to know what r they afraid of

  • its just being polite. a man should acknowledge another man before the women.

  • because it's rude to interrupt.

  • Out of respect to the man you are with.

  • You're hot but come off as taken.


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  • They don't want to disrespect the guy or get into a potential conflict with the jealous type guy.

  • That's weird, dude. They're "threatened" by another man to the point that they can't even nod hello on the street? Yowza.