Addicted to having a guy to text why?

When I have a boyfriend I am very faithful to him only. But when I am single I feel this need to run back to this guy I used to date or this guy I had a thing with. I crave the attention so bad and I feel lonely or depressed without it. Within a few weeks of being single I end up running back. Usually the guy is reaching out to me and I take him back

right now I have been single for almost two months. For a few weeks I was ok. But this guy I used to date reached out and now we have been talking for weeks. Like non stop. I got annoyed at him and I ignored him for a few days but he kept messaging me so I answered. Without his texts I feel so lonely and craving male attention. Why can't I stop? If I met a new good guy I would stop. For sure. But in the interim I can't deal. I am tempted to reach out to an older ex too.

I'm not hooking up w anyone.


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  • You are a sexattenntion whore

  • Are you asking for a new guy to chat with? (idk if that would be "hooking up")

    • No. I have my own. I don't chat with strangers.

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  • I think you need to see a therapist or pray or help somebody. You probably feel like you need others to feel whole and it is okay to desire love but wanting attention can lead to personality problems later on.

    • What personality problems?

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    • I am codependent

    • You can overcome your dependency problem by helping others and doing it anonymously.

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